Built to be different, with unmatched breadth and depth of used enterprise storage and support expertise.

We don’t hesitate to tailor our services and solutions. In fact, we insist on it.

Our customizable solutions help clients augment the way they purchase and maintain data center equipment – outside what is possible with your manufacturer or VAR.

We intentionally evolve with our clients to meet their constantly changing needs.



Add to your existing environment or work with our engineers for a custom solution.

Learn what options are available with used storage.


Build the right box to solve your problems.

Learn what are options are available with used servers.


Address your requirements and ensure compatibility.

Learn what options are available with used networking.


Determine what equipment is appropriate for post-warranty support.

Learn what options are available.


Analyze & Implement your custom solution.

Define your projects with us.

Why Choose Amber Light

We say what we mean

Technology is never perfect - the one thing we ask our clients is to judge us on our response when something happens.

Advise you on your options

We invest time in understanding our client’s IT structure - the people and the equipment. Together, we create solutions to augment your strategy on your timeline and your budget.

100% U.S. Based Support

Many providers use vendors to supply “on-call” support that comes from over seas, costing valuable time. We are right here, 100%.

If you’ve read this far, you understand the value in a conversation….let’s get started.

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